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The Falcons

Welcome to BGSUHockey.com! Falcon hockey has a special place in the hearts of fans and alumni from Bowling Green State University. Falcon hockey has produced 15 All-Americans, 10 Olympians, 2 Hobey Baker award winners, and the 1984 National Championship. With a history as rich as this it’s not difficult to see why hundreds of thousands of fans who have entered the BGSU Ice Arena have experienced love at first sight.

While the Falcons have seen a stretch of difficult and uncertain times the program is going through a “rebirth” as head coach Chris Bergeron attempts to bring the Falcons back to glory. The first step was taken during the 2011-2012 CCHA playoffs as Coach Bergeron took his last-place Falcons all the way to the semi-finals of the CCHA tournament before falling to the University of Michigan in double overtime. The Falcon’s finished in fourth place in the new-look WCHA and look forward to improving on that mark for the 2014-2015 campaign.

Why We’re Here

A simple answer to why we’re here is that all of us love Falcon hockey! We felt that a great BGSU hockey site was something that was missing. This site is for you: the fans and alumni who are still connected to this team and want the best news, features, photos, and more. While we are just launching our site we have a lot of great content planned for the future! Please add us to your daily visits and we promise we’ll do our best to make this site something that Falcon fans can be proud of.

Who We Are

BGSUHockey.com was the culmination of various alumni who felt that such a special program should receive more coverage than it did. With arguably the largest alumni following these individuals have come together to bring a new site that would be worthy of such a storied program.

Todd Pavlack, Co-Founder/Photographer

Todd is a BGSU alum twice-over, graduating with his undergraduate degree in Visual Communications Technology  (2006) and then his Masters degree in Career and Technology Education (2008). He grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been an avid hockey fan since the early 90’s, when he used to watch Mario Lemieux and the Penguins any chance he could get. He was the assistant sports editor, then sports editor and finally the managing graphic editor for his high school newspaper, where he honed his love of photography. Todd has been an active photographer since 1998, when he learned to develop his own black and white film. When he came to BGSU in 2002, he transitioned into the digital world by scanning his film negatives for his VCT classes.

Todd started photographing BGSU athletics back in 2009 when he contacted Grant Cummings, then owner of BGSU fansite Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba.com. Todd became the official AZZ photographer and has been hooked up with BGSU Athletic photography ever since. Focusing on the major BGSU sports (football, basketball, and hockey), Todd spent the next few years building an extensive library of BGSU sports photos.

Currently, Todd is the Manager of the Distance Education group at Wright State University and is also an Instructional Designer with WSU. He lives in Dayton, Ohio, and tries to make it a priority to be at any Falcon hockey game that he can attend, including many of the away games.

Outside of Falcon hockey and photographing BGSU athletic events, Todd enjoys cars and hanging out with friends. Todd can be reached on Twitter @BGHockeyPhotos or by email at Todd@bgsuhockey.com.

Drew Evans, Co-Founder/Editor

Drew has been a fan of hockey since the first ever game of the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2000. His excitement for the game grew even more when he attended BGSU beginning in 2003. His favorite player while at BGSU was Kevin Bieksa who is now a star defensemen for the Vancouver Canucks. Drew has spent a significant amount of time in the program including a stint assisting the coaching staff in 2006-2007 as a volunteer where he tracked a multitude of statistics in-game.

This season is his sixth covering the team in a media role. He has been the editor for the now defunct BringBacktheGlory.org, hockey contributor for Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba.com and was the creator of the Falcon Hockey Weekly podcast.

Currently, he works at a northwest Ohio hospital and lives in Bowling Green. In Drew’s free time he enjoys golfing, home brewing, and watching other non-ice sports (specifically baseball and football). Drew can be reached on Twitter @BGSUHockeySite or by email at Drew@bgsuhockey.com.

Ryan Satkowiak, Feature Writer

Ryan is a 2013 graduate of BGSU and a life-long hockey fan. His love for the game grew in the early 2000s, when he realized it was the only sport he was halfway decent at. Despite a crisis of faith during the 2004-05 NHL lockout, he found hockey again upon moving to California in 2007, when a couple of his friends persuaded him to join an adult hockey league.

His love for college hockey was born in 2009, when he accidentally ended up at Bowling Green — a story he has grown found of telling. While at BG, he wrote for The BG News for four years, serving as sports editor during his junior year. However, he always ended up back with hockey, covering the team for two and a half years.

He resides in Bowling Green, until life’s next great adventure comes along. In his free time, he enjoys prematurely canceled television shows, television shows that probably should have been canceled already and engaging in just enough physical activity so he can eat large amounts of junk food without feeling bad. You can chat him up Twitter @Ryan_Satkowiak or via email at Ryan@bgsuhockey.com.

Kevin Gordon, Feature Writer

Kevin is in first season as a member of the BGSUHockey.com staff after covering the team as the sports editor/assistant sports editor for the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune. He retired in August after 27 years at the Sentinel.The 1980 graduate of BGHS and 1984 graduate of BGSU has been attending Falcon hockey games since he was a youngster. Kevin also worked full-time from 1984-87 as the sports editor of the Auburn (Ind.) Evening Star, and worked as a part-time sports writer for the Sentinel before that. He also worked as a student assistant in the BGSU Athletic Communications Office.

While figuring out what his next move will be professionally, Kevin can be seen around the city of BG on his daily walk. He also enjoys all sports, traveling, spending time with family and friends, attending CedarCreek Church, and watching WWE Raw, The Price is Right, Criminal Minds, Bones, CSI Miami, Law and Order, and Law and Order SVU.

Kevin can be reached on Twitter @KGordonBG or by e-mail at Kevin@bgsuhockey.com.

Todd Pavlack

About Todd Pavlack

Todd is the founder and photographer for BGSUHockey.com As a graduate of BGSU with a Bachelors of Science in Technology (VCT) and a M.Ed. (Career and Technology Education), Todd has been an avid Falcon sports fan for over 10 years. He has been shooting photos since his junior high school years, and continues pursuing his passion for sports photos by shooting any number of Falcon sports, with a special love for hockey. Todd can be reached on Twitter @BGHockeyPhotos or by e-mail at Todd@bgsuhockey.com.