We’re Back! Welcome to the new BGSUHockey.com!

By October 1, 2013 Other News

Wow. What an offseason it has been. BGSUHockey.com has grown in both content and popularity since its inception in March of this year. Debuting shortly before the first 2012-2013 playoff series vs Lake Superior State, BGSUHockey.com was created to bring you all of the news associated with BGSU Hockey.

My name is Todd Pavlack, and I’m the founder of the site. To accompany me along on this wonderful journey of Falcon hockey coverage, I’ve asked my friends Drew Evans and Mike Podesta to join me in providing the best Falcon hockey coverage that we can. You can read more about how the site began here.

For the 2013-2014 season, we’ve added a lot of great things to the site. First and foremost, we’ve redesigned the site. It looks a bit different than it did last year. All of thanks for that goes to Drew Evans, who spent countless hours staring at code and becoming a pseudo-web developer. Trust me… this stuff isn’t easy, and Drew tackled the project with no questions. I’m eternally grateful for his work that he put in on the redesign (I really didn’t do much with it at all).

Second, we added a new writer to the staff. Ryan Satkowiak has graciously agreed to join our band of misfits to help cover Falcon hockey. Ryan is a recent graduate of BGSU and former Assistant Sports Editor of the BGNews and currently resides in California. Don’t worry… he still misses Falcon hockey, and his unique and impressive writing style is a fantastic addition to our already great coverage from Mike Podesta. He’s really excited to be a part of the team, and we’re glad to have him.

Third… more content! I’m a photo junkie, and I’ve got lots of BGSU Hockey photos from the past 4 years. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to search my full catalog of photos by player, year, or game played. I’m excited to be able to deliver content like this to you. We’ve also expanded our news coverage. We’ll be writing more feature stories this year, digging into the details that you want to hear and read about. If you have an idea, let us know! Mike has plenty of ideas to get us going in that department, and we’re excited to expand our content base which already includes game updates as soon as the game is over.

Finally, we’ll be adding some forums to the site that will help you, the readers and fans of Falcon hockey, to get involved with one another, the program, and the site. Look for those later next week.

This year looks to be exciting as the Falcons prepare for a new journey in the WCHA. While we will all miss the CCHA, we’re excited to embrace the new conference and new opponents. Earlier this summer, I had the chance to cover the HOGO (Hockey Old-Timers Golf Outing), and I got a chance to connect with a lot of great Falcon hockey alumni. A lot of them knew about the site, and thanked us for the coverage we provided. It was their chance to stay connected. They even “passed the hat” and took a collection to help raise funds for the site. For this, I am truly grateful and extremely humbled by their generosity. Every dollar donated this year, including the money donated by the alumni, has and will go directly to the site. Whatever is left from our donations after paying for site costs and travel costs will be donated back to the hockey program in the form of a scholarship.

I’m more excited than ever for BGSU Hockey to start back up again. We’ll be doing a weekly podcast to help you keep up with everything happening in Falcon Hockey land. We’ll also be adding more stories to the site as well, so please keep us bookmarked and visit often!

Here’s to a great new year in the WCHA. Roll Along!


Todd Pavlack

About Todd Pavlack

Todd is the founder and photographer for BGSUHockey.com As a graduate of BGSU with a Bachelors of Science in Technology (VCT) and a M.Ed. (Career and Technology Education), Todd has been an avid Falcon sports fan for over 10 years. He has been shooting photos since his junior high school years, and continues pursuing his passion for sports photos by shooting any number of Falcon sports, with a special love for hockey. Todd can be reached on Twitter @BGHockeyPhotos or by e-mail at Todd@bgsuhockey.com.