Movember Power Rankings: The Guys Get In On The Action

By November 14, 2013 September 25th, 2015 Opinion

The second week of Movember is the best week.

In the first week, everyone is trying to establish their look. In every week after this, the mustaches start to look unkempt. Week two is really that sweet spot where the mustache is in its prime.

Well, that is unless you’re like me. Then all of Movember is like week one.

As a friendly reminder, you can donate to the American Cancer Society of Northwest Ohio here. Support a great cause while you laugh at our attempts at growing mustaches.

We’ll start this week, once again, with the best of the best from the BG hockey team. Following that, you’ll get your first look at the mustaches of the staff. Because we were scared and didn’t want to show you our looks last week.

BG hockey team, week two:

1469937_661452620541454_54470100_n1. Cam Wojtala (LW: 4): I ranked Cam based on potential last week and oh boy did he not disappoint. Not quite the fu manchu I was hoping for, but the full handlebar is a strong look if you have enough fullness. There’s plenty of fullness in that ‘stache.




1422378_661452137208169_524930768_n2. Adam Berkle (LW: NR): Berkle comes crashing into the top five this week, much like he crashes through opposing players. Ha, see what I did there? Another vote for the handlebar look here. Not quite as full as Wojtala’s, but still a strong effort nonetheless.




1454976_661452510541465_1867470904_n3. Mike Sullivan (LW: 5): A good follow-up effort for Sullivan. Or it could just be that the closer-up shot helps. I don’t know.






1468609_661452563874793_367389992_n4. Brent Tate (LW: 1): Last week’s leader in the clubhouse takes a tumble this week. He peaked too early, and the others have caught up.






1452472_661452250541491_408185912_n5. Ralfs Freibergs (LW: NR): This is just straight up terrifying. The mustache is good, but the overall look is that of a Latvian assassin. Except for the hat. That’s kind of goofy, but doesn’t even come close to serving as a foil for that scowl.




996054_661452383874811_1490134686_nSympathy vote: Ben Murphy: Maybe it’s the derp face, or maybe it’s the red hair. But there’s not much going there for Murph. Maybe another week will lead to some progress.


photo-copy1-e13844474463691. Drew Evans: The pre-Movember favorite certainly did not disappoint. Although he still looks weird without the full beard.






photo-e13844475671292. Todd Pavlack: Fun fact, I have never before seen Todd with facial hair. Or remember seeing Todd with facial hair. So not a bad first week.






image-e13844476966873. Evan Pivnick: He insists it looks better in person, and since I live 1,500 miles away I cannot verify this so I’ll just take his word on it.






image copy 24. My computer







imgres5. This squirrel






image-copy-e13844479488136. Ryan Satkowiak: I believe this falls under, “good job, good effort.” Unless I get like two feet from a mirror, I can barely tell that anything is there. I need to invest in upper lip Rogain or something.

Ryan Satkowiak

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