Movember Power Rankings: Week One

By November 4, 2013 September 25th, 2015 Opinion

Did you know that Movember was a thing before it was a thing?

It’s true. It started in Australia in 2003 and was pretty much an exclusive Aussie thing until 2007, when the UK, United States, Canada and Spain jumped in on the fun. Don’t lie, you didn’t know that. Consider that a knowledge bomb dropped.

The past few years, the BG hockey team has gotten in on the fun, growing out their mustaches for Movember, a campaign that is designed to raise awareness for men’s health. The galleries the BG athletic department has posted online have been among my favorite things ever, simply because just about everyone looks ridiculous with a mustache.

This year, is getting in on the action. You can donate to our Movember drive here, and our staff is also going to grow out our ‘staches. I don’t look forward to those pictures being posted at all.

In the spirit of the month, we’ll supplement our weekly WCHA “Power Rankings” with a Movember “Power Rankings,” highlighting the five best mustaches currently being sported by the BG Hockey team. You can head to the official BGSU Athletics Facebook page to see all the mustaches. Feel free to chime in either in the comments section or on Facebook/Twitter with your favorite BG hockey ‘stache. Or, if you’re feeling really brave, you can share your ‘stache with us. Who will be victorious?

1452243_657600334260016_1439444044_n 1. Brent Tate: It might only be week one but Brent Tate’s upper lip is already in midseason form. Very simple look, already showing nice fullness, and the soul patch serves as a bold compliment. Outstanding symmetry that his strong start on the ice is matched by his strong start with the Mo.




1395257_657600154260034_569127668_n 2. Brett Mohler: I’m really not sure whether or not to dock him points for not just sticking with the mustache look, or to give him points for embracing the whole “no shave November” thing. He’s got a little bit of neck beard going on down there, too. I’d be impressed if he stuck with the lumberjack look all November because I can imagine that itches quite a bit already.



1395895_657600320926684_1428285202_n 3. Chad Sumsion: Another vote for the simple look, Sumsion is just sticking to the bare essentials. I certainly can respect that. He’s off to a strong start and will definitely be in the running for the top ‘stache at the end of the month.




1456779_657600427593340_1677903672_n 4. Cam Wojtala: Going out on a limb and on thepotential here. Wojtala’s current look isn’t the strongest, but it looks like he’s got a little fu manchu in its early stages going on. I’m not really sure if that’s what he’s trying to do, but I hope it is. Because Cam Wojtala with a fu manchu looks a lot like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball. You know, just with shorter hair …











733911_657600307593352_833885469_n 5. Mike Sullivan: Sully gets the nod at five because his darker hair makes is ‘stache a little more noticeable. He’s got the same look as Tate with the soul patch, but has it supplemented with a little bit of scruff going on elsewhere. That’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him.




1390470_657600237593359_664379530_n Sympathy vote. Tomas Sholl: Tomas Sholl is a 19-year old freshman who just hit that 19 in August. I note this because most of the guys on this team entered as freshman at 20 and hit 21 before the end of the season. So he’s a little behind the game in terms of facial follicles. It also doesn’t help that he looks like he’s 14. That being said, as a similarly facial folliclely challenged person, I feel his pain.

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