Morning (or Evening?) Observations: Not Who We Thought We Were

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Is that a depressing realization? Is that a little too harsh? To answer both questions, yes and not really.

There is two ways you can dissect BG’s weekend and how you do so greatly depends on the outlook you have on the team in general. I would also say that one way is the right way and one way is the wrong way.

The first way to look at this is BG battled back from deficits both nights against a very good team (entered the weekend No. 16 nationally) before ultimately falling. That way, if you were wondering, is the wrong way.

The way I am dissecting this game is BG once again gave up two third-period leads against a team it is matched very evenly with. Yes, that’s only my viewpoint, but I’m going to tell you why it should be your viewpoint, too.

These losses were the fifth and sixth straight games BG held a third period lead, only to either lose the game or see it go into overtime. Not entirely coincidentally, BG is 1-4-1 in that stretch.

Also, we are now 10 games into a 28-game conference schedule. For you non-math majors, that about 35 percent through the slate. BG is a very mediocre, borderline bad 4-5-1 in conference play. That has BG at nine points, tied for fifth highest total. However, given BG has played two more games than the majority of the conference, that’s only good for seventh in the league, ahead of both Alaska teams and Huntsville. That’s not good.

We’re also past the point of the season where we can say, “well maybe it’s just a small sample size.” Because at 16 games into the season, we’re probably about five or six games past that.

Also, in this vitally important eight-game stretch against the league’s top opponents, BG went 2-5-1. That means, no matter what happens the rest of the season, it will be fair to question if the Falcons are good enough to beat the best in the WCHA postseason.

Now, for you optimists out there, here’s the good news. Two of the next three conference series’ on the slate for BG are against Huntsville, which is as good of a slump buster as any (unless the Falcons manage to lose one of those games, which in that case I just quit). The tough part of the schedule is over, and the toughest teams BG plays the rest of the season (Lake and Bemidji) will be at home.

Also, the Falcons will not have back-to-back weekends on the road for the rest of the season, which is huge in terms of rest.

BG’s schedule is set up nicely for it to make a great second-half run. And BG has notoriously been a better second half team under Chris Bergeron anyway. But even if the Falcons run off a great stretch of games that gets them a top three finish in the standings, pardon me if I’m not entirely buying it. The last four weeks showed us that BG isn’t quite in the same class as the top teams of the conference.

Note: I apologize for this being shorter than normal this week, and for the missing power rankings last week. Thanksgiving week plus moving plus business trip (oooohhh so official) have gotten me backed up. Power Rankings will be back this week. And, if I play my cards right, we’ll have a special feature at the end of the week.

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