2Michael HodgsonDefensemanSenior
3Brian MooreDefensemanSophomore
4Kyle Page (C)DefensemanSophomore
5David SolwayForwardFreshman
7James PerkinForwardSophomore
8Dan SextonForwardFreshman
10Kevin Schmidt (A)DefensemanJunior
11Wade FineganForwardFreshman
12Tim MaxwellDefensemanJunior
13Jacob CepisForwardFreshman
14Kai KantolaForwardSophomore
15Andrew KreloveDefensemanFreshman
18Tomas PetruskaForwardSophomore
20Josh BoydForwardSophomore
21Derek WhitmoreForwardSenior
22Ben GeelanForwardSenior
23Brandon Svendsen (A)ForwardJunior
24Todd McIlrathForwardSophomore
25Patrick TieslingForwardFreshman
26Mike NesdillDefensemanSenior
27Tommy DeeForwardSophomore
29John MazzeiForwardSenior
30Phil GreerGoaltenderSophomore
31Nick EnoGoaltenderFreshman
37Jimmy SprattGoaltenderJunior
44Russ SinkewichDefensemanJunior

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10/12/07Windsor (Exhib.)Bowling Green, OHW 12-1
10/18/07NiagaraLewiston, NYL 0-2
10/19/07RITRochester, NYW 5-3
10/23/07Notre Dame*Bowling Green, OHL 2-4
11/2/07Western Michigan*Kalamazoo, MIW 3-2
11/3/07Western Michigan*Bowling Green, OHW 5-4
11/9/07Ferris State*Big Rapids, MIW 6-3
11/10/07Ferris State*Big Rapids, MIW 3-1
11/16/07Northern Michigan*Bowling Green, OHW 4-2
11/17/07Northern Michigan*Bowling Green, OHL 2-3
11/20/07Notre Dame*South Bend, INL 1-2
11/30/07Wayne StateDetroit, MIW 3-1
12/1/07Wayne StateBowling Green, OHW 6-1
12/7/07Michigan*Bowling Green, OHL 2-4
12/8/07Michigan*Ann Arbor, MIL 2-3
12/28/07Northeastern&Madison, WIL 3-4
12/29/07Wisconsin&Madison, WIL 3-5
1/4/08Miami*Bowling Green, OHW 4-2
1/5/08Miami*Bowling Green, OHL 2-5
1/11/08Lake Superior*Sault Ste. Marie, MIW 4-2
1/12/08Lake Superior*Sault Ste. Marie, MIL 1-4
1/18/08Western Michigan*Bowling Green, OHW 4-1
1/19/08Western Michigan*Kalamazoo, MIW 2-1
1/25/08Notre Dame*South Bend, INL 1-6
1/26/08Notre Dame*Bowling Green, OHL 1-4
2/1/08Ohio State*Columbus, OHW 5-2
2/2/08Ohio State*Columbus, OHL 2-4
2/8/08Alaska*Bowling Green, OHW 4-2
2/9/08Alaska*Bowling Green, OHL 1-4
2/15/08Nebraska-Omaha*Omaha, NEL 3-5
2/16/08Nebraska-Omaha*Omaha, NEW 3-1
2/22/08Ferris State*Bowling Green, OHL 1-2
2/23/08Ferris State*Bowling Green, OHW 2-1
2/29/08Michigan State*East Lansing, MIL 3-6
3/1/08Michigan State*Bowling Green, OHL 0-4
3/7/08Lake Superior (CCHA 1st Round)Bowling Green, OHW 4-3
3/8/08Lake Superior (CCHA 1st Round)Bowling Green, OHL 1-6
3/9/08Lake Superior (CCHA 1st Round)Bowling Green, OHW 4-3
3/14/08Miami (CCHA Quarterfinal)Oxford, OHL 1-4
3/15/08Miami (CCHA Quarterfinal)Oxford, OHL 2-4

*Central Collegiate Hockey Association Game
&Badger Showdown (Madison, WI)