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10/6/19MiamiOxford, OH5:00 PM
10/11/19Rochester Institute of Tech.&Toledo, OH8:00 PM
10/12/19Western Michigan/Ohio State&Toledo, OH8:00 PM
10/18/19Western MichiganBowling Green, OH7:07 PM
10/19/19Western MichiganKalamazoo, MI7:00 PM
10/25/19Michigan Tech*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
10/26/19Michigan Tech*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
11/1/19Minnesota State*Mankato, MN8:07 PM
11/2/19Minnesota State*Mankato, MN7:07 PM
11/15/19Alaska-Anchorage*Anchorage, AK11:07 PM
11/16/19Alaska-Anchorage*Anchorage, AK9:07 PM
11/22/19Lake Superior*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
11/23/19Lake Superior*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
11/29/19Notre DameSouth Bend, IN7:00 PM
11/30/19Notre DameBowling Green, OH7:07 PM
12/6/19Alabama-Huntsville*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
12/7/19Alabama-Huntsville*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
12/13/19Lake Superior*Sault Ste. Marie, MI7:07 PM
12/14/19Lake Superior*Sault Ste. Marie, MI7:07 PM
12/30/19MiamiBowling Green, OH7:07 PM
1/3/20Northern Michigan*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
1/4/20Northern Michigan*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
1/10/20Michigan Tech*Houghton, MI7:07 PM
1/11/20Michigan Tech*Houghton, MI6:07 PM
1/17/20Minnesota State*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
1/18/20Minnesota State*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
1/31/20Bemidji State*Bemidji, MN8:07 PM
2/1/20Bemidji State*Bemidji, MN7:07 PM
2/7/20Alaska-Anchorage*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
2/8/20Alaska-Anchorage*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
2/14/20Alaska*Fairbanks, AK11:07 PM
2/15/20Alaska*Fairbanks, AK11:07 PM
2/21/20Ferris State*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
2/22/20Ferris State*Bowling Green, OH7:07 PM
2/28/20Alabama-Huntsville*Huntsville, AL8:07 PM
2/29/20Alabama-Huntsville*Huntsville, AL4:07 PM
3/6/20-3/8/20WCHA Playoffs QuarterfinalsCampus SitesTBD
3/13/20-3/15/20WCHA Playoffs SemifinalsCampus SitesTBD
3/21/20WCHA Playoffs ChampionshipCampus SiteTBD

*WCHA Conference Game
&Ice Breaker Tournament


WCHA Standings

The WCHA awardd 3 points for a regulation or first overtime win, 2 points for a second overtime or shootout win, 1 point for a second overtime or shootout loss, and 0 points for a regulation or first overtime loss.

Bowling Green0-0-0-00-0-00
Bemidji State0-0-0-00-0-00
Ferris State0-0-0-00-0-00
Lake Superior0-0-0-00-0-00
Michigan Tech0-0-0-00-0-00
Minnesota State0-0-0-00-0-00
Northern Michigan0-0-0-00-0-00

The top eight teams qualify for the playoffs, with the higher-placed team hosting in every round. The first two rounds are best-of-three series. The Championship is a one game, winner-take-all matchup between the two remaining teams.