Eigner officially introduced as new Falcon head coach

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With humor, tears, inspiration, and a little self-deprecation, Ty Eigner stepped out from the sizeable shadow of Chris Bergeron as he was introduced as the eighth head coach in Falcon hockey history Tuesday afternoon.

Eigner, who has spent the previous nine seasons as an assistant coach for the Falcons, took his first steps in a position that’s been held by Jerry York and Ron Mason.

The press conference was kicked off by BGSU President Rodney Rogers. “With experience at both the NCAA and professional levels, Ty has done amazing things here at Bowling Green. I especially appreciate when those who are a part of a strong foundation of an organization are given an opportunity to build on that success¬†and lead us to that next level,” Rogers said.

Next, BGSU Athletic Director Bob Moosbrugger talked about the search process: “We felt we owed it to the university, the hockey program, the alumni that we did a thorough search process. We wanted to make sure we explored every option that we had, not that we had anything against Ty and his family, but certainly, there was a great responsibility in making sure we had the right person for the job.”

After listing the numerous testimonials that he had received about Eigner, including Jerry York, Moosbrugger introduced Ty as the next Head Coach.

Eigner began, saying: “I want to say thank you to President Rogers, Bob Moosbrugger, Jim Elsasser, the interview committee, the Board of Trustees, and the Slater Family.”

Eigner then took a moment to collect himself and his emotions as he described watching Chris Bergeron’s press conference,¬†hoping he’d have the chance to have the same opportunity to be named his alma mater’s new coach.

Ty spent the next few minutes giving a background of his upbringing in Wisconsin and Minnesota, explaining how he came to discover hockey. Eigner admitted his first exposure to the Falcons was watching the 1984 National Championship; a game where he was actually pulling for Minnesota Duluth.

Eigner thanked his former teammates, the current team, and the Slater family for their support during the hiring process. Emotion came to the forefront again as Eigner thanked Bergeron for giving him the opportunity to become an assistant coach at Bowling Green.

Eigner outlined his focuses in life: his family, his faith, and hockey. It was a common theme through the rest of Eigner’s appearance.

Ty capped his comments thanking the fan support that had grown over the past nine years before welcoming questions.

Eigner’s contract with Bowling Green is for $1.35 million over six years. His salary will begin at $200,000 this season and will increase by $10,000 each season thereafter.

The press conference was ended with Eigner announcing his captains for the 2019-2020 campaign: Alec Rauhauser was selected as the main captain with Connor Ford and Frederic Letourneau serving as assistant captains.


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